What is The Freelance Game?

The Freelance Game is a new digital teaching game. 5-6 times as effective as traditional teaching. It’s an AI-simulator. You play and learn how to be more like an entrepreneur in a changing world of career. Good skills and abilities for their professional life and life.

You start from zero and the challenge begins!

How to use The Freelance Game?

It simulates the screenwriter’s working life as a freelancer, all art students can use it and learn about the freelancer’s life. It is all about learning by doing, you learn more the more you play.
The teacher doesn’t have to spend time playing, it is the students that should play the game. When they have played they are stuffed with emotions, thoughts and questions. Now it is time for a seminar and have fun discussions.

Become brilliant at managing your calendar

Your mission is to master the Freelance Game...

... to optimise your career in real life!

The Freelance Game — A digital teaching aid

  • A new thrilling AI game
  • Fun and challenging
  • Boosts your future career
  • Teaches entrepreneurial skills
  • Simulator game with programmed AI
  • 5-6 times as efficient as traditional teaching methods
  • Learn how to master the world in the game
  • Learn to plan, prioritise and make decisions
  • Learn more for every round you play
  • With none or some previous knowledge there is much more to explore
  • With more previous knowledge there is still an interesting and developing challenge